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About the Author!

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I graduated (May 2019) from the Noble and Greenough High School in Dedham, MA and now attend Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City! I grew up in Brookline, MA, but my family and I moved to Lexington about halfway through my high school years. While Lexington is a lovely town, Brookline will always have my heart!

I began writing One Cruel House, my first novel, when I was seventeen and was lucky enough to see it published the following year, in 2019. I had never thought of myself as a writer, but when my amazing English teacher gave us a creative writing challenge at school, I realized it was something that I enjoyed very much. At times, the process of writing was hard–especially when writer's block hit–but, it quickly became therapeutic for me. I knew that I wanted to continue writing even after One Cruel House was published.

While writing is a passion of mine, I am also an avid follower of politics and do what I can to support the fight for equality in our society. For those who have read One Cruel House, I'm sure you can see that both of those things were incorporated into the story of Alexandria Stuart.

If you live in the Boston area, I'm extremely accessible and would love to chat with anybody about books, writing, One Cruel House, or anything else relating to those things! Feel free to scroll a bit farther down and write a message. I'll be sure to write back and get in touch!

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About the Art!

Kathleen O'Hara

During the publishing process, I was lucky enough to discover Kathleen O'Hara, who is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. Obviously, she is extremely talented. Not only did she create the cover of One Cruel House, but she also drew the House crests that appear in the first pages of the novel (and are featured in The World of Alexandria) as well as the map that is pictured above.

If a fellow author is looking for an illustrator, another artist is looking for inspiration or help, or anyone would like to talk with Kathleen about her work, below is her contact information, her social media tag, as well as the link to her portfolio.



Instagram: kathleenohara_art

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Coming Soon...

As I said, I knew my love of writing would not stop after One Cruel House was successfully published. I've since started my next novel, though not of the same genre and entirely unrelated to One Cruel House. Because it is still in its early stages, I can't give too many details but to any loyal readers who enjoyed One Cruel House, you can expect an international espionage thriller at some point in the near future.

The storyline follows a young woman named Eris Zibell, an American expat living in Paris. Eris, who goes by Zibi in France, is the daughter of a world-famous surgeon and a prominent French news reporter, is better known as the right-handwoman to the President of the French Republic. However, that does not stop a foreign agency from trying to recruit her as an asset. As Eris descends into the world of espionage, she is forced to make life or death decisions at every turn.

More to come soon!

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