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The World of Alexandria Rose Anastasia Stuart

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Royal and Noble Houses

House Stuart


The Royal House of Northerlynd includes King Ezekiel Yvdovn as well as Alexandria Rose Anastasia herself. While the Queen of Northerlynd is a blood member of an Astorian Noble House, by marriage, Delphine Dina Zibell is part of the Royal House Stuart.
The House crest is made up of the two Wolves of Northerlynd that are said to guard the country with their combination of strength, cunning, charisma, and truth.

House Petrov


The Royal House of Zmeyteria is made up of three brothers, one of whom is the uncle of Morgane Dani, Lord Nolan Petrov. Upon the death of his youngest brother, Eliazar Petrov, Nolan took it upon himself to raise his orphaned nephew in the country of his birth, Northerlynd.
Like House Stuart, the two Serpents decorating the Petrov House crest symbolize the necessity for two rulers to occupy the Zmeyterian throne.

House Mayer


As the Royal House of Astoria, House Mayer is headed by the Queen Céleste Béatrice Natasha Guinevere with her husband Bartholomew beside her.
The pair raised two sons: the Crown Prince Nikolai Maxence III and his younger brother Dimitri Alexandre Charles.
Before Delphine's marriage to Ezekiel Yvdovn of Northerlyd's House Stuart, she and Céleste were the closest of friends. The new distance between them, however, did not break that bond. They continued to see each other often, and when they both became mothers, their children grew up alongside one another as well–for better or for worse.

House Zibell


While not a Noble House of Northerlynd, House Zibell still bears an incredible amount of prominence as it is the House of origin of the Queen of Northerlynd, Delphine Dina.
Across the Eastern Seas, in the country of Astoria, House Zibell is the most powerful family, excluding the Astoria Royal House.
As such, certain members of House Zibell have a distant–but legitimate–claim to the Astorian throne, should the entire Royal House ever perish.

House Vitalya


A respected Noble House of Northerlynd, House Vitalya is commanded by Lord Aragon with the aid of his wife, Lady Daniella.
For decades, the Vitalya family has shared a close relationship with the Royal House which allowed for Aragon and Daniella's son, James, to befriend the Princess Alexandria while they were both young.
Among the Northerlynd Noble Houses, the Vitalyas are known to be the most honorable, each member of the family bearing a heart the size as that of the lion on their crest.

House Dani


One of the oldest in Northerlynd, this House was once commanded by the fierce Gali Dani, known for her unmatchable skill on the battlefield.
For the purpose of ensuring peace between two nations, however, Gali was required to take part in a diplomatic marriage to the youngest member of the Royal House of Zmeyteria, Eliazar Petrov.
As is not often the case, the two fell in love and conceived a baby boy, Morgane.
While he was still young, the couple fell in battle, side by side, during the Three Year War between Northerlynd and one of its neighbors, Athenon.
Like the phoenix of the Dani House crest, Gali and Eliazar's son Morgane rose from the despair of his parents' death and grew to be a valiant soldier and fighter.

House Draclyn


A relatively young country, the ancestors of House Draclyn were the ones to begin the seceding process from Northerlynd.

The withdrawal proved peaceful enough, but when Draclyn remained silent during the war between Athenon and Northerlynd under Queen Ambrosine Olivia Ardent's reign, tensions began to rise.

Little passes between the Royal Houses of both Northerlynd and Draclyn, but were a conflict to ever arise, it would likely prove detrimental.

House Draclyn is not known for its ability to forgive–nor is House Stuart.

House Tiberias


The Northerlynd House with the longest-standing relationship with the Royal House Stuart, House Tiberias is headed by Lady Judith, and is known for its integrity, elegance, and ferocity. All three characteristics are represented by the tiger that adorns the Tiberias House crest.

House Winsor


Originally a Noble House of Northerlynd, the Lord and Lady of House Winsor emigrated to Draclyn where they created a home in the country's capital, Gloire, after their only daughter, Victoria Amelia, had finished her primary schooling.
Victoria is the closest friend of the Princess Alexandria, and even after her family left the country, they remained as such, often visiting one another at their respective homes.
Like the unicorn of their House crest, the Winsor family was always the most peaceful and kind of the Northerlynd Noble Houses, and when they emigrated from their country of origin, they brought their well-regarded attributes with them.

House Beaumont


Known for its militaristic strength, members of House Beaumont prove to be every bit as tenacious and formidable as the bear that represents them. 
Lady Frieda is the commander of the Beaumont family, with her husband Maxim loyally at her side.
One of the older Heads of House, she is revered by every member of the Royal Council.

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