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One Cruel House Pronunciation Guide

Updated: May 28, 2020


Northerlynd: North-er-lind

Astoria: Uh-store-ee-uh

Draclyn: Dray-k-lin

Zmeyteria: Zmay-tear-e-uh


Alexandria Rose Anastasia Stuart: Al-ex-and-ree-uh Ro-se Anne-uh-stay-gee-uh Stew-art

Nikolai Maxence Mayer: Ni-kohl-i Max-ance Mai-air

Dimitri Alexandre Charles Mayer: Dim-ee-tree Al-ex-an-druh Ch-arl-es Mai-air

Victoria Amelia Winsor: Vic-tor-ee-uh A-meel-ee-uh Win-zor

Morgane Dani: Mor-gan Dah-nee

Nolan Petrov: No-lin Peh-trahv

Ezekiel Yvdovn Stuart: Eh-zeek-ee-el Eev-dov-in Stew-art

Delphine Dina Zibell: Del-feen Deen-uh Zee-bell

Céleste Béatrice Natasha Guinevere Mayer: Seh-lest Bay-ah-treece Nah-tah-shah Gwin-ih-veer Mai-air

Bartholomew Mayer: Barth-all-o-mew Mai-air

Gäelle: Gayle

Odette: O-det

Claud: Claw-d

Gideon: Gih-dee-uhn

Gavriel: Gah-vree-elle

The World of Alexandria Rose Anastasia Stuart

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