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Alexandria shed her cloak as she stepped onto the sparring field. The crowd was minimal today, but still they cheered for her. She looked around the Arena and smiled at the people, waving as she walked up to her opponent. The princess reached back to tighten her mask as her eyes met his. Unlike her, he had not deigned to wear one.

“Are you ready?” he asked her.

“Are you?”

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One Cruel House

October 2019

Alexandria Rose Anastasia Stuart is the only child of the King Ezekiel and the Queen Delphine of Northerlynd, one of the most powerful countries in their world. A young princess by day and warrior by night, Alexandria was raised alongside other royal children–specifically the two princes of Astoria, a ruling nation across the sea. 

When her parents are called away on business to visit Astoria’s Royal House, the princess is given a chance to learn what it takes to rule. With only the help of her friend Victoria, Alexandria must navigate the ways of the court, maintaining balance among the Noble Houses of Northerlynd, as well as host the arrogant princes from her childhood, Nikolai and Dimitri, who have been sent to keep her company in her parents’ absence.

Not long after their departure, though, the princess learns that the hostile country Zmeyteria has begun to stir the waters, and she is forced to turn to one of the princes for help. However, the princess is also faced with devastating news, and is forced to make decisions about her relationships and her country as chaos ensues and war begins to loom overhead.

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